The Christmas Basket Project distributes nonperishables, fresh food, and toys to 200 households in Verdun and surroundings.

It is a 100% powered by generous volunteers. Every year, we start the project in faith and hope and every year, new and returning supporters make this annual Christmas miracle come to life.

Our goal

This year we hope to help around 200 families and individuals by raising $12,000 & collecting nonperishables & toys.


Interested in helping out?
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II. Participate in our events

Contribute to our bake sales

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Offer items for gift basket raffles

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III. Offer your time

Sign up to volunteer for Operation Baskets on Dec 16-21

Operation Baskets, from Dec 16-21, is when we take all the donations and make the Baskets.

Volunteer on Delivery Day (Dec 22)

Delivery Day is when we deliver the Baskets to the families and individuals. We’ll need loaders, drivers and more!

To join our volunteer team:

What's in a Christmas Basket?


Pasta, Pasta sauce, Canned tomatoes, Canned vegetables, Canned Soup, Ramen noodle soup, Canned stew, Canned Beans/chickpeas, Canned protein (ham, chicken, tuna), Canned fruit, Rice, Side dishes (Sidekicks), Prepared macaroni and cheese (Kraft Dinner), Peanut butter, Jam, Oatmeal, Cereal, Crackers, Cookies, Instant Coffee, Tea or herbal tea, Hot chocolate, Juice, Shelf stable milk and other milk substitutes, Apple sauce, Pudding /snack packs, Granola bars/snacks, Toddler snacks / baby food, Candy/treats, Baking products (salt, sugar, flour, cake mix, etc)

Fresh Food

Around $75 worth of fresh food (eggs, cheese, milk, bread, vegetables, apples, ham, etc) is included in every basket

New toys for children

Suggested $30-50 value per child for those shopping for toys and gifts



Drop-in & Drop-off Weekend

Drop-in and drop-off your donations. Stay and enjoy the seasonal atmosphere, music, crafting, raffles and surprises. On Saturday, we will receive a truckload with our nonperishable grocery order. This is the big weekend that starts off Operation Christmas Baskets!


Final Packing Day

Big day to do final packing, checking and sealing up of boxes


Delivery Day