Gathering 10: The 7 faces of the Holy Spirit

Zoom Recording


       Children prepared for Confirmation (same can be asked of future Confirmands) :

  1. Which Saint name have you chosen and why? 

  2. Which one of the seven gifts (view powerpoint) did you choose and why?


Prayer Exercise


  • Come into a space of quiet. Become present to our ever-present God. Invite God to be with you.

  • Become aware of your breath. The very act of breathing is an expression of the presence of God, who sustains our lives in this moment and every moment. Remember, in Hebrew, Spirit and breath are the same word, ruah.

  • At our Baptism and Confirmation, God sends his Spirit to reside in us. As you sit in the quiet, notice how you experience the Spirit residing in you. Where in your body do you come to know the active presence of God? In your heart? Your mind? Your gut? Be aware of this truth: God lives in you by the Spirit, here, now.

  • Continue for as long as you feel called to be in the stillness, aware that God is with you.  What might the Spirit be praying in and through you?  Set words completely aside.  Listen.