Gathering 8:  The End of the Liturgical Year

This week's Zoom recording:


  • Important Information

    • Next week our Gathering will be in person at Saint Thomas More (980 Moffat Avenue)!  This is the first of two mandatory in-person Gatherings for our Advent Program.  

      • Please arrive in time for Mass, which starts at 9:30am.  Father Robert is available for Confessions starting at 9:00am. ​

      • After Mass, we will be joined by other parishioners for coffee, juice, and snacks in the Hall to welcome everyone.

      • Our Gathering will start afterwards, and run from 11:00am to 12:30pm.

    • If you were planning on joining us on our field trip to Saint Joseph's Oratory on December 5th to view the Creche Museum and attend Mass:  The Oratory announced that as of November 22nd, the vaccination passport is required for all visitors age 13+ to access the Creche Museum and attend Mass in the Crypt Church.  Click here for more information

      • If the vaccination passport requirement impacts your ability to join us at Saint Joseph's, don't forget that we have a second field trip planned for December 19th at Notre Dame des Sept Douleurs that, at the date of this update, will not require a vaccination passport.​

  • Reflection Questions

    • In our Gathering today, we discussed how the end of the Liturgical Year is a good time to reflect on our faith journey over the year, and we shared a bit about how our faith has grown this past year.  For this week’s reflection, look ahead now to Advent and the start of the new Liturgical Year. 

      • What would you like to learn more about and where would you like to grow in your faith? 

      • Where would you like to see your children grow in their faith?


  • Weekly Activity

    • Feast days like the Solemnity of Christ the King are high points in the Liturgical Year, and occur in each of the liturgical seasons. Gather together as a family and, using, locate the birthdays of each family member (you can even look up the birthdays of extended family members and your close friends).  This calendar is for 2022, so you’ll see everything laid out for next year.

      • What liturgical seasons does everyone’s birthday happen in? 

        • Remember, there are 6 seasons:  Advent, Christmas, Lent, the Paschal Triduum, Easter, and Ordinary Time

      • What feast days are closest to the birthdays in your family?

      • Does anyone’s birthday fall on the feast day of an interesting Saint, a Solemnity of Jesus or Mary, or another kind of feast day?

        • Are any of these feast days new to you?  Do a quick Google search together and learn more about why we celebrate it in the Church calendar!