Gathering 2:  God, the Eucharist, and You


  • Important Information

    • Reminder that Chantal's group has moved temporarily to Angela​

    • We are currently looking for more Catechists - please contact if you would like more information

  • Reflection Questions

    • Reflection 1:  Although it may be a distant memory now, think back to the day of your First Communion.  What do you remember about it?  Did you have a gathering afterwards with your family and friends?  Did anyone, such as your teacher or your parish priest, say anything to you that has remained with you since that day?

    • Reflection 2:  Think back to the last time you were physically inside a church.  Why were you there? What do you remember about it?  Do you remember doing anything of great personal significance while you were there?

  • Weekly Activity

    • If you have time to do so as a family this week, try baking some bread together!

      • Basic Unleavened Bread​​​
        ​For this recipe, you will need:

        • ½ cup whole wheat flour

        • ½ cup white flour

        • ½ cup hot water

        • 1 tablespoon liquid honey
          - Preheat oven to 350
          - Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl
          - Knead for 8 minutes
          - Let rest for 10 minutes
          - Knead again for 5 minutes
          - Shape into a 6-inch round about half an inch thick
          - You can carve a symbol or simple design into the top, like a cross, then brush the top with a bit of milk
          - Bake for 20-25 minutes (fun fact:  bread loaves are done when they sound hollow as you tap them on the bottom)


    • A gluten-free recipe for quick, yeast-free pita bread is also available at:]-x-step/

  • Extra Resources

    • Deeper Dives

    • Bite-sized Videos

    • Meditation Points:

      • For those who are trying to incorporate daily meditation or spiritual reading into their lives, as well as for those who wish to begin but are not sure how, feel free to ponder the following thoughts in your prayers this week.  All of this week's meditation points were taken taken from The Way by Saint Josemaría Escrivá.

        • “Jesus is your Friend – the friend – with a human heart, like yours, with the most loving eyes that wept for Lazarus.  And as much as he loved Lazarus, he loves you.” – point 422

        • “If Love, even human love, gives so many consolations here, what will love be in heaven?” – point 428

        • “Everything don for the sake of Love acquires greatness and beauty.”
          – point 429

        • “Jesus, may I be the last in everything…and the first in Love.”
          – point 430