Gathering 3: Lent

Zoom Recording (PART 1)

Zoom Recording (PART 2)

Lent Tasks & Activities

For parents to watch: Lenten Reflection: Dr. Brant Pitre, Why Do We Pray, Fast & Give Alms?

Presentation: Ash Wednesday was on Wednesday! What is it? What is Lent? Why do we pray, fast, and give alms? Ideas for Lent and how to participate as a family. Setting realistic expectations and how to get back on track.

Task and Activity: Parents, come up with your Lenten observances. You can do something as a couple, for example praying together when you put your child to bed. You can also do something individually. It is also important to try to do something as a family, for example only having dessert on Sunday or praying before meals 

Help your child come up with something to give up or do during Lent. You can create a Lent Tub to place stuffed animals, video games or sugary cereal your child may decide to give up for Lent

Here are some links for Catholic Icing with ideas and activities for your child (or yourself!) It’s a treasure trove of ideas!

For parents: Lenten Gospel reflections with Bishop Barron

Check out and download the app: Bible in One Year (you can read it or listen to it! So easy🙏🏻)

Google: Gregorian Chants or Hymns for your listening pleasure!

Reflection: What are some of the things you came up with as a couple, as a family, and for your child? What are you going to do this Lent so that you can keep yourself and your family on track? Write your reflection and share any pictures from this activity. Send it to your primary catechist by Thursday