Gathering 3:  The Mass


  • Important Information

    • Reminder that Chantal's group has moved temporarily to Angela​

    • We are currently looking for more Catechists - please contact if you would like more information

  • Reflection Questions

    • Reflection 1:  In this session, we compared the Mass to a family gathering that included catching up with our loved ones.  Thinking still of Mass in this way, but now also remembering that God is our Father and we are His children coming over for a visit, what would you say to Him the next time you come to Mass?​

    • Reflection 2:  Have you ever volunteered at church, not just in a Mass-specific role (reader, altar server, musician) but in a parish group or during a parish event?  What was your reason for volunteering, and did you enjoy doing it?  If you haven’t volunteered at church before, what questions would you ask somebody who does volunteer there?

  • Extra Resources

    • Weekend Mass Times for the English Catholic Parishes of Verdun

      • Saint Thomas More:  Saturday 4:00pm; Sunday 9:30am

      • Saint Willibrord:  Sunday 11:00am
        We would love to see you if you’re able to come in person! ​

    • Online Masses

    • Bite-sized Videos

    • Meditation Points:

      • For those who are trying to incorporate daily meditation or spiritual reading into their lives, as well as for those who wish to begin but are not sure how, feel free to ponder the following thoughts in your prayers this week.

        • “When you approach the Tabernacle, remember that He has been awaiting you for twenty centuries.”  - Saint Josemaría Escrivá, The Way (pt. 537)

        • “Absence, isolation:  trials for your perseverance.  Holy Mass, prayer, sacraments, sacrifices, communion of the saints:  weapons to conquer in the trial.” – Saint Josemaría Escrivá, The Way (pt. 720)

        • “What is every parent doing by bringing their rowdy children to Mass? They are making a huge sacrifice. Every parent who didn’t get a moment to reflect or pray or listen to the readings or the homily is making a sacrifice. Every parent who had to fight with their children to get everyone in the car and on the way to Mass is making a sacrifice. Every parent filled with anxiety over whether or not their children will behave is making a sacrifice.  And what is the point of Mass? To offer the sacrifice. What every parent can do is take all of the sacrifices they are making for their spouse, for their children, for their parish and unite them to the One Great Sacrifice of Christ.” – Father Michael Schmitz