Gathering 4:  Being Catholic, 24/7

Due to some technical difficulties, we weren't able to upload the recording of this week's Zoom.

An audio-visual alternative is available instead:  

During the original Zoom presentation our presenting Catechist, Celly, had some insights to share.

On comparing ourselves to the Saints, Celly opened up to us and told us that when she was going through a difficult time in her life, Father Gregory told her that this experience was an opportunity to become more like a Saint, and that God's grace would help her bear the burden.

On finding time to pray, Celly told us that after dropping off her daughter at school, she'll sometimes walk down to the river and find a quiet spot to sit and pray.  Sometimes she'll have her phone with her and use it to play quiet music, to help keep her focused.  It only takes a few minutes and it helps her get her day off to a great start.


  • Important Information

    • Going forward, the Zoom room will be open starting from 09:50am.  Please log on before 10:00am so that we can avoid long delays in starting the session.

    • Don't forget to send your reflections to your Primary Catechist and/or Angela before the next Gathering!

    • We are currently looking for more Catechists - please contact Angela if you are interested and would like more information.  No experience necessary -- just a love for Jesus and for families!

  • Reflection Questions

    • Reflection 1:  Think of all the roles you take on throughout the day and all the different relationships you have to maintain.  Where in your life might you find a small but regular task or opportunity that you can offer up as a prayer, for the intention of becoming a better version of yourself?

    • Reflection 2:  What do you think of when people talk about Saints?  What sort of person comes to mind?  If you’ve ever read about the lives of any of the Saints, how did learning about them make you feel?  Were you inspired and encouraged by their example, or did you feel overwhelmed and discouraged?

  • Weekly Activity

    • Make some physical space in your home for your family’s thoughts and prayers!

      • Supplies:

        • an empty jar or similar container that you can easily fit a hand into

        • a pad of sticky notes

        • pens or markers 

    • Find a spot in your home where all your family members pass through every day.  Create a nice label that says “Our Thoughts and Prayers” or “Our Intentions” and stick it on the jar.  Then set up the jar, stickies, and pens/markers in the spot you’ve found. 

    • During the week, members of the family can then write down what they’d like to pray for, what they’re thankful for, and anything else they’ve got on their minds.  Then, fold it up (the sticky bit can help keep it shut) and drop it the jar.  If you see anything inside the jar as you pass by, use it as a visual cue to say a quick prayer or to offer up a task/chore for whatever might be written on the paper in the jar. 

    • Towards the end of the week, take some time together as a family to sit down and read through what you’ve all written down, and end your family get-together with a short prayer. 

    • Alternatives to a jar taking up space on a table or counter:  If you have a family bulletin board or a free spot on your fridge, you can put up a Ziplock bag for your family members to put their thoughts and prayers, and keep a pen and stickies nearby.

    • Alternatives to writing things down:  If your family members aren’t into writing things down, invite them to put in something else -- a small stone, a marble, a piece of Lego, a paperclip, a bobby pin…as long as something goes inside, the rest of the family will have a visual cue to say a prayer or offer up a task. 

“When I was preparing this week’s take-home package for everyone, I came across this activity and realized it was something I wanted to do in my home, too!  The only logical place in our apartment to dedicate to family intentions was the family whiteboard on our washing machine, which is in our hallway right by our door.  It has a bit of cork on the bottom, so I used push pins to hold up the baggie, string for the pen, and double-sided tape for the sticky notes.  It only took a few minutes and we’re already using it!”
– Angela