Gathering 6: Salvation 

Zoom Recording

Activities for the week 

  • Read with your children some of the Bible stories mentioned in Salvation history. Discuss these stories and how they show God’s love for us and His wanting to save us throughout history.

  • Encourage your family to focus on how they can show gratitude for all that God gives and be thankful.

  • Start looking at Holy Week with your children, as it is fast approaching. Starting with Palm Sunday.

  • Reflect on the Homily from this Sunday’s mass.

  • Enjoy a craft afternoon or morning with your children taking ideas from . There are lots of ideas on crafts to prepare for Holy Week and Easter. Happy Gluing!

Reflection Questions 

  1. How are we living the resurrected (risen) life in the here and now in our lives? What are some of the struggles we face and what is holding us back from that life?

  2. Do you have a deeper connection with the Eucharist and it’s impact in your life?

  3. How do you see yourself and your family living that life of gratitude?