Gathering 6:  Love

This week's Zoom recording:


  • Important Information

    • We will be returning to in-person gatherings at the end of November, in time to start our Advent program!  We are currently working on getting those details together so please stay tuned for that information, which will come soon.

  • Reflection Questions

    • Reflection 1:  Debbie shared a wonderful insight with us today.  She described her heart not as a smooth piece of gold but as a mosaic made up of all the pieces of the hearts of others who have shown her love throughout her life.  If you think of your own heart as a mosaic, who do you see in your heart?  Is there a particular person, or a few people, who stand out to you?  How did their love transform your life?

    • Reflection 2:  We talked a lot today about loving others, but we also have to remember that we don’t just give love.  We are also on the receiving end of the love that others want to give us.  Pope Benedict XVI even once pointed out that if we decline the gift of another’s love, we destroy ourselves.  What do you think he meant by this?

  • Weekly Activity

    • As early as possible in the week, get together as a family and come up with a small and realistic way that each of you can do to:

      • show God your love for Him

      • show another person your love for them

      • show another person that you appreciate their love for you

    • Come together again towards the end of the week and check in with each other.  How did your week of showing love go?  Do you think making a conscious extra effort made any changes, even tiny ones, in your lives? 

    • For inspiration, check out Ask About My Faith’s post about how you can show God’s love through your actions towards others: