Gathering 7:  Who Is Mary?

This week's Zoom recording:


  • Important Information

    • We will be returning to in-person Gatherings at the end of November, in time to start our Advent program!  A survey about the Advent Program and heading back to in-person Gatherings in January 2022 was sent out to all our families by email on Sunday night.  If you did not receive it, please contact Angela at

  • Reflection Questions

    • Reflection 1:  In our breakout rooms this week, we discussed the following two questions:
      - Why do you think it’s so important for followers of Christ to know Mary?
      - What does it mean to you to have Mary as a spiritual mother?
      Now that we’ve learned more about what the Catholic Church teaches and believes about Mary, and more about her specific role as a Mother of the Church and our spiritual mother, do you have any further thoughts about these two questions from our breakout rooms?


    • Reflection 2:  Read through the Litany of Loreto (found below).  This prayer highlights various aspects of Mary’s role and her place in our faith.  Are there any lines that catch your attention?  What made them stand out to you?


  • The Litany of Loreto
    If you already pray the Rosary, you might be familiar with this prayer!  But if you haven’t encountered the Litany of Loreto before, or even if you haven’t even prayed the Rosary before, here it is for you to read over this week:

  • Weekly Activity

    • This week’s activity is an add-on to Reflection 2 to help you explore this subject with your family by praying together!  Although the Litany of Loreto is usually said following an entire Rosary, you might not have the time to pray a whole Rosary either by yourself or as a family.  Depending on where you are in your faith journey, you might not even know how to pray the Rosary – and that’s okay!  The most important part about praying isn’t doing it perfectly, it’s just doing it. 

    • Starting small is the best way to get into the habit of prayer.  Instead of praying a full Rosary, start with the very beginning of the Rosary, which is usually said with the intention of growing in faith, hope, and charity:
        - Our Father x1
        - Hail Mary x3
        - Glory Be x1
      ** If you’re not yet familiar with these prayers, check out your take-home materials from October 23rd or go to:

    • After this, say two sections of the Litany of Loreto from the PDF linked above:
        - The first 3 lines, written in black 
        - One other section (any of the other colours)

    • When you’re done, have a short discussion with your family about the section of the Litany that you chose.  Feel free to share their reflections, especially if your children’s insights surprise and delight you!