Saint Willibrord's Relic

Pilgrimage to Echternach


In May 1998, Fr. Cameron and five parishioners set out on a pilgrimage to Echternach, Luxembourg to celebrate the 1300th anniversary of the founding of the Benedictine Abbey of Echternach by St. Willibrord.  After his years of missionary labour, St Willibrord died at the monastery of Echternach in his 80s and is buried in the beautiful Basilica dedicated to him.

One of the highlights of the trip was the day Fr. Cameron was given the privilege of saying Mass  on the tomb of St. Willibrord. We were all very touched since that day just happened to be my Father's birthday.

We were welcomed with much enthusiasm by the pastor of St. Willibrord Basilica, Fr Théophile Walin. He seemed overjoyed that we had come all the way from Canada to celebrate with them. Cardinals, bishops, priests, and pilgrims from all over Europe were in the small town for this anniversary celebration and yet Fr. Walin went out of his way to get a special time to our little group from Verdun. We will never forget the experience of watching thousands of people dance through the town during the Hopping Procession

At a reception which followed, Fr. Cameron was presented with a precious relic of Saint Willibrord by Cardinal Adrianus Simonis, Archbishop of Utrecht, the diocese founded by Saint Willibrord 1300 years before. We will never forget the friendliness of the people of Echternacht..