Empowering families to grow together in holiness

Starting Sunday, October 29

What is Family Faith Formation?

Family Faith Formation is a two-year sacrament preparation program that accompanies parents and children (6–14) on the journey towards living faith and discipleship.

Through on-site and at-home activities, families grow together in faith and in their understanding of Christian life while preparing for the sacraments of Reconciliation, First Communion, and Confirmation.  


Taking place after a Sunday Mass, we will explore the Catholic faith and the Sacraments through hands-on activities and small group discussions.

In their own groups, children and parents receive concurrent formation on the same topics, although we do occasionally combine groups for special activity days! 

This way, children explore a relationship with Jesus and what it means to be a young disciple alongside their peers, while parents explore their own faith life with the support of their peers.  

At home

At home, we use Martha, an online portal, to give families access to all at-home content on a computer, phone, or tablet.  Theologically-rich Content is presented in simple and accessible modules.

At-home content includes readings, reflections, and family activities, all designed to bring living faith into each home and help every member of the family dive deeper into their relationship with God.

Why Family Faith?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it take longer than at other parishes?

Ultimately, we want to accompany children to take little steps into big faith.

Family Faith Formation is designed to build a strong foundation for lifelong of discipleship, not casual participation in Catholicism.